Haute Spot Event Disturbs Neighbors, Draws Complaints… Again

The Haute Spot in Cedar Park is drawing ire, and police reports, from neighbors over a mile away in Leander’s Block House Creek subdivision. The venue has been home to a “Love & Lightstream” outdoor concert series since this summer, with more dates planned. However, many neighbors are feeling anything but love for the intrusive noise created by the events.

Here is a sampling of the complaints that lit up Nextdoor Block House Creek this evening:

Urgent Alert. I live in blockhouse creek and there is some loud ass music playing. Is this a house or venue near by?

That’s funny because I hear it outside my window too and was wondering what it was.

It’s coming from Haute Spot. Should stop at 10 unless they got a special permit til 11.

Damn the cold air must be carrying it my house is bangin.

Well it’s 1004 and that music is still blaring. I live in the Vineyards… That is a little excessive!

It sure is … I think the whole neighborhood can hear that loud music.

I live in the far end of the Vineyards and I can here the bass even with the tv on. I thought it was my neighbors…

I’m on Bardolino and can hear it over my loud TV.

Past 10 and they’re still going. Seriously, the bass sounds like my neighbor is in the driveway booming but there is no one outside on my street.

It just got louder.

Omg! Sounds like this concert just got started. I hope not.

Just got off the phone with CPPD they have officers heading out there.

Thanks. I don’t mind outdoor concerts, but they shouldn’t be THIS loud and they should end promptly at 10. If it’s Haute Spot, I feel for the houses right next to them on New Hope.

Wonder if police can do anything if Haute Spot has a permit to end show until 11 and they’re measuring the music?

Police claim it’s within the ordinances. The suggested calling the city council.

Is it at least good music?

Wish we could hear the music. All we hear is the loud bass. Ha!

I’m sure it is to the attendees, but not for me lol

Intrusive Noise is noise to me and hard to get a bearing from my house. What can be done about Haute Spot?

The Cedar Park city manager and city council are the ones who sign off on the permits for the Haute Spot. You could reach out to them, but they don’t seem to care about individual complaints. I think it would have to be large groups of people or a large petition to actually get their attention. It seems they care more about the money the venue brings to the city than the people who actually live in it.

The Neighbors of Block House Creek facebook page also had multiple complaints posted:

This is Haute Spot tonight making all the noise. Look, I love music. I understand people need to make a living and I have friends who play in bands. But this is getting ridiculous. Between Haute Spot and HEB Center, we don’t get a quite evening in our backyards (or inside our homes) do we? Could those who have been in discussion with the HEB Center about the noise level, possibly talk to someone in charge at Haute Spot to see why they are so loud?! It’s 10:45pm and I can hear it word for word.

It was very loud in the vineyard section. I honestly though neighbors were having a mega party. I can’t even imagine how it sounds to the houses closest to the venues.

I’m in the vineyards area and can clearly hear it. I went outside thinking my neighbors had their stereo blasting. That’s too loud.

Things are thumping windows and I am over a mile from it! I get they need to make money too, but can we get them to shut down at 10p?

Even Haute Spot’s own facebook page live streaming the event attracted a negative comment from a neighbor who didn’t need the live stream to hear the band.

Y’all are too loud. It’s 10:40pm and I live a mile away and can hear this word for word in my house!”

Tonight is not the first time the venue has drawn noise complaints from area residents. Following are links to recent media coverage from late 2019 when neighbors voiced their concerns about similar issues.

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