$2 Billion Development In Works For Hero Way and Reagan Boulevard

“District 2243 offers Leander an opportunity for balanced, sustainable growth – and the kind of environment created to attract employers,” according to the headline on District2243.com, a website promoting the development by JNK Properties. Leander’s local government denied the request, according to Austin Business Journal reporting, after the developers had made changes “amidst pressure from Leander City Council to prioritize commercial development.” As the website promoting the development is still up, it appears likely that more adjustments and another rezoning request are in the works for the $2 billion mixed-use development.

“Located at the southwest corner of Hero Way and Reagan Boulevard, District 2243 is perfectly situated for a mixed-use urban village,” say the projects developers. “The carefully crafted plan for District 2243 creates a premiere destination that enables the people of Leander to eat, drink, shop and work close to home.”

The developers say, “District 2243 will be built in six balanced phases over 10-to-15 years with specific multifamily caps limiting the amount of housing that can be built until the commercial development target for each phase is achieved.” The project’s developers are not asking the city for financial incentives, they are instead touting the financial benefits the city would accrue: “The $2 billion development is expected to generate $51 million in property tax revenue annually once fully built, including $29 million annually for the school district and $11 million for the City.”

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