Breathe New Life into Your Home with K&M Steam Cleaning’s Tile & Grout Services

Austin homeowners looking to revitalize their tile and grout surfaces can trust K&M Steam Cleaning to restore their floors, countertops, showers, and more. The company’s trained technicians have the experience and tools needed to make tile surfaces look new again, no matter the material.

Homeowners often purchase store-bought tile cleaners only to discover that they can strip sealants and leave floors looking worse than before. K&M’s professionals use specialized equipment and solutions to bring back the shine and durability of tile floors, cleaning both the tiles and the grout for a comprehensive restoration.

K&M Steam Cleaning serves a variety of surfaces, from porcelain and ceramic to slate and Saltillo tiles. Their services also extend to shower and bathroom tile cleaning, as well as tile countertop cleaning in Austin-area homes.

The K&M Tile & Grout Cleaning Process begins with a text message to the customer informing them of the team’s arrival. Once at the home, team members set up equipment while the team leader walks through the areas to be cleaned, addressing any concerns or questions. The cleaning service involves applying a baby-safe and pet-safe pH-neutral cleaning solution, scrubbing grout lines, and using a van-mounted gas-powered system to remove dirt, oil, stains, and odor-causing materials with 210-degree steam.

Upon completion, K&M offers an optional water-based, non-toxic sealant to protect floors from future stains. All of their cleaning products are pet and baby-safe.

For homeowners with porcelain and ceramic tile floors, K&M’s team can restore their natural shine and colors without causing damage. In cases where grout is stained beyond repair, K&M offers grout recoloring and sealing services to give it a fresh look and protect it from future discoloration.

K&M Steam Cleaning also specializes in limestone, marble, terrazzo, granite, and travertine tile floor cleaning and restoration. The company serves Travis, Williamson, Burnet, Bastrop, and Hays Counties, covering the Austin area and its surrounding suburbs.

For more information or to schedule a tile and grout cleaning service, contact K&M Steam Cleaning at (512) 836-8900 or visit their website.