K&M Steam Cleaning Restores Austin’s Travertine Floors to Their Original Beauty

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Austin residents who own Travertine floors are in luck, thanks to K&M Steam Cleaning. This company offers a full array of cleaning and restoration services for Travertine floors, one of the most popular flooring materials in upscale Central Texas homes.

Over time, heavy traffic, cleaning product build-up, and acidic liquids can turn a beautiful Travertine floor into an eyesore. However, K&M’s stone flooring experts can restore Travertine floors to their original beauty, making them look brand new again. Their team can also convert rough, matte “unfilled” Travertine into smooth “filled” Travertine, giving it a glossy surface that is less susceptible to catching dirt and grime from heavy foot traffic.

K&M Steam Cleaning provides various services for Travertine floors, including deep cleaning, stain removal, refinishing, floating, lippage removal, sealing, color enhancement, and repairs. After the restoration process, K&M can also seal the Travertine floors to prevent additional staining and damage…

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