Cowboy Pools: Turning Backyard Dreams into Reality with Affordable and Stylish Stock Tank Pools

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Cowboy Pools, an Austin-based company founded by Aaron Weiss and Amanda Shaftel, is on a mission to create attainable backyard oases with their innovative and affordable stock tank pool solutions. In response to the growing demand for accessible and easy-to-maintain pools, Cowboy Pools offers a range of chic, compact pools that are perfect for both adults and children looking to cool off during Texas’ sweltering summer months.

Launched in 2020 during the global coronavirus pandemic, Cowboy Pools was initially conceived as a passion project. Weiss and Shaftel, who were forced to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic, decided to invest their wedding funds into creating a product that would bring joy to the people of Austin and beyond. Cowboy Pools quickly gained traction for its unique and practical approach to backyard relaxation.

The company’s product lineup includes 6′, 8′, 9′, and 10′ round stock tank pools, complete with…

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