Foodie’s Corner And Weikel’s Store & Bakery Opens In 10 Days

Weikel’s Store & Bakery, is a “Texas-famous” convenience store and bakery on State Highway 71 in La Grange. Their claim to fame is “authentic Czech kolaches…, famous for the soft, fluffy dough… made from scratch every day from [a] special family recipe traced back to Czechoslovakia.”

Foodie’s Corner, currently under construction at 11340 TX-183A Toll Rd, Leander, TX, is licensed to make and sell Weikel’s most popular products. All bakery products at this location will be made from scratch on site.

In a less than two weeks, Leander, Cedar Park, and Williamson County residents won’t have to take the scenic route to Houston for a stop at Weikel’s. When Williamson Reporter checked on construction progress today, the owner was onsite. Asked when they were anticipating opening, the response was, “in ten days.” That puts the opening day at October 20. While construction and other opening delays may occur, the store and bakery appear close to complete. Furthermore, last time we asked via email, their response put the projected opening date at October 19. It appears they are sticking close to that schedule.

Construction is nearly complete on the new convenience store and bakery in Leander. Please direct all questions regarding hours of operation, product availability, placing special orders, and employment to


  1. I don’t understand the connection to LaGrange. Is this a family member? Are they going to bake on site? wondering what else they might offer and if they even have sit down dining (during the pandemic)?


    1. They are going to bake on site. They plan to be open past the pandemic. They have indoor and outdoor tables to eat. They are licensing the recipes baking methods and training staff in La Grange. Weikel’s has three similar stores licensing their products already open. It appears to be an expansion model that’s working for them and their licensees.


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