“Chody’s Wife And Friend Blocking Half The Sidewalk At The Polls” – Voter At Cedar Park Library

A reddit post entitled “Chody’s wife and friend blocking half the sidewalk at the polls, now barely outside the legal limit,” caught Williamson Reporter’s attention this morning, the first day of early voting in Texas. The Reporter commented with a request for permission to republish the photos and the poster’s narrative of what was occurring. The poster, TomTX, emailed the photos, published below.

Following is the narrative of what was occurring, published in a separate post entitled “Chody: Voter interference in Cedar Park.

“If you go to the Library to early vote, not only is the line halfway past the County Annex, a woman identifying herself as Chodys wife engaged me when both of us were past the 100 foot line, trying to promote Chody. Her chair was also set up past the line, when repeatedly called on it, she eventually pulled it partway behind the line. She’s the biggest campaign funder due to lotto millions. Apparently nobody in the Chody family or campaign is capable of obeying the law.”

While a governmental entity may not prohibit electioneering on their property outside the 100 foot marker, they may enact “content neutral” restrictions on “time, place, and manner” of such activities. Prohibiting the obstruction of walkways would be such an allowed restriction as long as it applies to all parties wishing to perform electioneering activities. Any electioneering activity inside the 100 foot marker is prohibited by state election law.

Williamson Reporter reached out to the City of Cedar Park regarding restrictions on electioneering outside the 100 foot marker. In response to our request for any policies they have enacted concerning polling places on city property, City of Cedar Park Media and Communications Manager Jennie Huerta emailed the following response:

The Elections Offices for the two counties in which Cedar Park is located are administering elections. Any concerns should be immediately reported directly to the polling place supervisor at the location. The two City ordinances that address obstruction of sidewalks generally and political signs are City of Cedar Park Code of Ordinances Section 17.04.015 and Section 13.03.007, respectively. Sidewalk access violations may be reported by calling 512-260-4600 and pressing “0”. Signage concerns may be reported by using the CPConnect 2.0 app or submitting a form at  cedarparktexas.gov/reportaproblem.

Additionally, Williamson Reporter reached out to Beverly Chody, Sheriff Robert Chody’s wife, via facebook messenger with a request for comment. No immediate response was received. If Mrs. Chody or the Chody campaign respond, Williamson Reporter will publish an update with their response.

Updated at 3:03 p.m. and 8:14 p.m. to reflect City of Cedar Park’s response to Williamson Reporter’s questions.


  1. Is this really officially a sidewalk? I was there today and it is the area surrounding the flag pole that people use as a walkway.
    You can see this in your photo. This is a deceptive photo and inflammatory article.
    Shame on you.


    1. Maybe look a little closer and see the crosswalk painted on both sides. Most people would consider a paved area with a crosswalk at each end where it crosses the driving area to be a sidewalk. Or at least a walkway. This article is exactly what it appears to be. Shame on you Robyn for your deceptive comments.


    2. Under that assessment 100’s can stand there and block entry then. If its “not a sidewalk”.

      It IS the connection point into the facility from the parking lot and thus is a sidewalk. Again always the ones in power trying to find “technicalities ” to break the rules and claim they did nothing wrong. Guess if BLM protesters showed up to peacefully hold signs that said Robert Chodys Greed Killed Javier Ambler, this would be acceptable for them to block the walkway. Right? Just checking. Double standards exist, I just want to ensure it isnt here on public property registered as a polling place during election season.


  2. They were still there when I went in. I was a little nervous at first thinking that if I looked at them wrong I might get beaten with a flashlight. But I guess that was a silly concern since I am not a black child I have nothing to worry about from a Chody.


    1. It would be nice if instead of using their lottery millions to buy his way into the Sheriffs office they had paid back the taxpayers in Austin for the lawsuit that cost millions.


  3. I voted at this location on Tuesday and there were MULTIPLE groups of supports for many candidates holding signs and “blocking” sidewalks. This is an obvious attempt to single-out one candidate while ignoring what the others were doing as well. That particular location was outside the 100-foot distance from the polling place and did not interfere with the line of voters or prevent anyone from being able to access the polling place. This is just a biased and overt attempt by this supposed “news” site to bring shade on one particular candidate. So disingenuous and ridiculous that you should be ashamed of your being such hacks.


    1. Only one group was observed with 2 or 3 lawn chairs, a dog, etc… blocking half the sidewalk in any photos I’ve seen on the social media comments. There are other candidates standing off to the side and on the grass holding signs. Also, they were, by their own admission in a facebook comment about this article, over the line. The person who took the photos featured said they were approached and electioneering over the line as well. The person who shot the photos said they were asked to move back and, at first resisted, before moving back to a position that still appeared to be slightly over the line. It appears impossible for a person to enter the chair that’s over the line to sit down in it without being in the prohibited zone wearing prohibited clothing. Later in the day, I went and checked myself and they were set up in a different area of the sidewalk, but still two chairs side by side, protruding into the sidewalk rather than off to the side or on the grass like other sign holders present.


  4. I voted at this location Tuesday and the only other person holding a sign was out by the street where you pull in holding a John Carter sign. He simply waved. I had to walk around these two as they were not sitting in their chairs which were still blocking half of the sidewalk but standing on the other side further impeding traffic and accosting people as they walked in.


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