“It is an absolute lie!” – Gleason Responds To Chody’s Attack Ad

Williamson Reporter asked Mike Gleason, candidate for Williamson County Sheriff, about claims made in a mailer and commercial published by incumbent Robert Chody.

On one side of the mailer pictured above, the Chody campaign touts Williamson County’s low crime rate, failing to mention any contextual statistics or that the crime rate was already low when Chody took office.

On the reverse side, the campaign makes claims attacking Mike Gleason, Chody’s opponent in the 2020 election. Williamson Reporter asked Gleason about those claims. Gleason explained that the Chody campaign’s several attacks are, at best, lacking context and one is an “absolute lie!”

Williamson Reporter: The Chody campaign says, “Mike Gleason used to work for the sheriff’s department, but his record prevented him from being rehired.” Did you apply to be rehired?

Mike Gleason: No I did not. I honorably retired before Robert took office. It is an absolute lie!

Williamson Reporter: The Chody campaign accuses you of “taking contributions from criminal defense attorneys.” How much have such attorneys contributed to your campaign?

Mike Gleason: I did not take money from anyone. But I had numerous people donate to my campaign. I did not keep up with anyone’s profession.

Williamson Reporter: The Chody campaign claims you were “sued for taking away prisoners’ bibles.” What’s the story there?

Mike Gleason: Yes, one inmate even though it was written to insinuate many. All of his effects were removed to include his bible. He was making alcohol in his cell. He was intoxicated and fighting officers. He used his mattress as a shield to separate himself from officers. The case was dismissed with prejudice and is now case law for future removals around the state.”

Williamson Reporter: The Chody campaign accuses you of using inappropriate language toward birthday party attendees. They claim it’s on video, but did not play it in their commercial making that claim. Is there any truth to that allegation?

Mike Gleason: I was talking to the Deputies not to the attendees. Those quotes came from my interview about what happened. I was still amped up about fighting off a group of guys trying to hurt me. That is also why he will not face me in public because he knows I can prove the truth and debunk all his claims! He does not want to face the public unless he controls the narrative.