“Robert Chody has been defunding the Sheriffs Office since he started” – Gleason responds to Chody’s suggestion he would defund WilCo Sheriff’s Department

Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody posted a Fox News story about crime in Austin to his facebook page with the following comment aimed at Mike Gleason, his opponent in the 2020 election: “Defunding the police has consequences! My opponent is promoted & endorsed by an organization that participated in helping defund the Austin PD. I will not allow Defunding of WilCo!”

Gleason attempted to comment that his position is not accurately represented by Chody’s comment, but it was deleted. So he posted the response to his own campaign page:

Don’t be fooled people. Robert Chody has been defunding the Sheriff’s Office since he started. His numerous EEOC complaints from employees. His multiple in custody deaths. His out of jail compliance three times. His training academy shut down by the state, and all the other lawsuits that are too numerous to list. That money is not coming from his lottery winnings, it’s coming from your tax dollars!

I forgot to mention. He is indicted DO you want him to run the Sheriffs Office from inside his own jail cell?

I am also endorsed and supported by TMPA the largest police association in Texas who are also adamantly against defunding the police.


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