66,451 square foot public library coming to Round Rock

City of Round Rock building permit documents show that the city’s new public library coming to 200 E Liberty Avenue will be 66,451 square feet. The new building, which was designed by PGAL, Inc., will be three stories, with an adjacent 300-vehicle parking garage.

According to a City of Round Rock news release, “the new library will feature an area for quiet work/study on the third floor, classrooms on the first floor, outdoor spaces on each level, study rooms on the second and third floors, technology areas, dedicated children’s story time rooms, early learning areas, space for activities and crafts, space for collaboration and flexible spaces for programs and collections.”

The facility’s design also incorporates outdoor spaces including “a public courtyard on the first level features a flexible artificial turf lawn with lounge furniture, outdoor tables, chairs and benches for visitors to enjoy year-round” along with a “rooftop discovery garden that features masonry tiles, modular sustainably harvested wood decking modules, rubberized play surface tiles and artificial turf featuring a labyrinth patterning of grasses.”

Image source: City of Round Rock news release

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