Pastries & Chaat to Open in Cedar Park: Bringing the Taste of India to Texas

Wilco Eats

A new restaurant is set to open in Cedar Park, Texas this summer, bringing the flavors and social spirit of India to the Lone Star State. Pastries & Chaat, located at 13920 Ronald Reagan Boulevard Building 1, Suite 101, will feature a menu of traditional Indian pastries, chaat, and other delicacies.

The restaurant’s 3,187 square foot interior is currently under construction, with an estimated cost of $150,000. This will be the first finish-out for the new restaurant, with new interior partition walls and MEP trades proposed.

The team at Pastries & Chaat is excited to share their love of Indian cuisine with the Cedar Park community. “If you are from India, the taste will hit close to the heart,” they say. “If you are not from India, we bring you the social spirit of our foodie Indian culture.”

The restaurant’s chefs are highly trained and eager to serve up…

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