Author: Ilde Quintero, Restaurant Consultant @ Toast

Ilde Quintero is a restaurant expert, technology consultant, and sales leader with a passion for helping restaurants improve their operations and guest experience. Currently working as a Principal II Account Executive at Toast, Inc, Ilde brings over four years of experience in the restaurant technology industry, helping thousands of restaurants across the US to streamline their operations, increase sales, and create a better dining experience for their guests. Prior to joining Toast, Ilde served as a Managing Partner at Truluck's Restaurant Group for over ten years, where he honed his skills in delivering high-quality seafood dishes and cocktails while providing unparalleled guest experience and Southern hospitality. Ilde also served as a Member Relations Manager at Texas Restaurant Association, where he helped restaurant operators navigate their businesses by providing legal resources, training, and certification for their staff, advocacy representation, and community engagement. Apart from his work in the restaurant industry, Ilde is also a food blogger and the founder of the Cedar Park Foodies Facebook group, which has over 15,000 members. Through his blog and social media presence, Ilde shares his love of food and his insights on the latest trends and innovations in the restaurant industry. Whether he's helping a restaurant operator optimize their menu or sharing his latest food discovery, Ilde is dedicated to making the dining experience better for everyone.
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Casa Garcias Restaurant Announces Plans for New Location in Leander

Originally posted on Wilco Eats:
Casa Garcias Restaurant, a family-owned Tex-Mex restaurant chain, has announced plans to open a new location in Leander, Texas. The restaurant will be located at 19380 Ronald W. Reagan Blvd.…