54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse Brings Scratch Cooking and Unique Atmosphere to Cedar Park

54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse, a popular restaurant chain originating from Kansas City, MO, is set to begin construction on a new location at 1330 East New Hope Drive in Cedar Park, Texas. The new construction project, estimated to cost $3.9 million, is scheduled to start on June 1, 2023, with an anticipated completion date of June 1, 2024. The upcoming restaurant will span 9,969 square feet and will feature a distinctive design that appeals to both dining and bar patrons.

54th Street is known for its eclectic, retro-style atmosphere, offering a lively bar scene and a consistently crowded dining room. The chain prides itself on serving high-quality, made-from-scratch meals, using fresh produce and ingredients. Despite the upscale architecture and quality food, 54th Street maintains casual dining prices, earning the label of “Casual Dining Done Right!”

The new Cedar Park location will follow the “Evolved Five-Four” concept, which features unique interior and exterior designs that create a polished casual atmosphere while maintaining the affordability of casual dining. With a focus on both adult and children entertainment, the restaurant includes etched glass, an enhanced furniture and TV package, and an abundance of decor.

In addition, the Cedar Park location will feature a climate-controlled patio, providing a comfortable indoor/outdoor seating area that can be utilized for an average of nine months out of the year. The patio will be equipped with a fully-stocked bar, offering both alcohol and dining capabilities.

The Texas locations of 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse offer a stylish outdoor look, with glass Nana walls opening up to tables and couch-style seating around a live fire pit. Some Texas outdoor locations even boast a waterfall feature.

As part of the “54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse” concept, the new location will offer an extensive selection of draft beers, ranging from 32-54 handpicked options from around the world. The establishment will also feature Blizzard 29º draft beer, a cutting-edge technology designed to maintain your suds at a chilly 29 degrees.

For more information about 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse, visit their website at https://www.54thstreetrestaurants.com/ or check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/54thstreetgrill.

Image Credit 54th Street Grill & Bar