DPS Investigating Fatal Collision Involving Williamson County Deputy

Williamson Reporter first learned of a fatal collision involving a Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy through the following post on the Jarrell, Texas community facebook group:

“Did y’all see what happened tonight on I35 across from Flying J with Wilco and the Cadillac? My boyfriend described it to me. I was wondering if anyone else was up close. He said Wilco police car lost his engine and it was in the grass.”

The following comments on the post included more information, including that the non-county vehicle may not be a Cadillac:

“…Wilco ran into the back of the caddy. so caddy has no back end and Wilco engine in the grass”

“It just popped up on the app!”

“It looked like the police SUV had rear ended a smaller car. We were trying to figure how it could’ve happened, thinking maybe the car was parked and the SUV rammed into it. The entire back end of the car was nearly in the front seat!”

“It was a small red car, not a Cadillac.”

Williamson Reporter contacted Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Patricia Gutierrez who issued the following statement: “Yes, I can confirm there was a crash involving a WCSO deputy just south of exit 277 in Jarrell. DPS is investigating and once they finalize the report DPS will send out a release.”

We then contacted the Department of Public Safety’s media relations switchboard which gave us the contact information for Sergeant Deon Cockrell, the department’s media contact responsible for any pending media releases concerning the collision. Additionally, the operator said he could confirm the department was called to “work a fatality” on “IH 35 southbound just north of CR 312.”

Image Source: Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page