Noise from Cedar Park’s Haute Spot venue disturbs neighbors, draws 100+ social media complaints

The Haute Spot in Cedar Park is drawing ire, and police reports, from neighbors over a mile away in Leander’s Block House Creek subdivision. The venue has been home to a “Love & Lightstream” outdoor concert series since this summer, with more dates planned. However, many neighbors are feeling anything but love for the intrusive noise created by the events.

In addition to 89 noise complaints called into Cedar Park Police, the most received concerning any business in the past year, here are over 100 social media complaints about noise disturbances the venue routinely causes in surrounding neighborhoods:

“Haute Spot loud music. Anyone else hearing the music today? I’ve loved the smaller concerts there but my house has been vibrating since 1p today from this concert. And they’ve turned it up again.” Nextdoor Post

“This music festival 11/9 is ridiculously loud! I’m about 6 lots away and the stuff on my mantle is rattling regularly” Facebook Review

“Is there a noise ordinance here in blockhouse? Someone’s music is so loud my pictures are rattling .. I mean I love music and all but does it have to be that loud?!!!” Facebook Post

It’s Cypress Hill ( Snoop Dogg is tomorrow)at the Haute Spot. We have a friend over on Lakewood trail (over behind the Toyota dealership) and she says it’s a nightmare over there. It has to be miserable for the hospital” Facebook Comment

“Yeah that’s what I just told my neighbor he is not happy he thought it was something at the H EB Cedar park center and I told him it’s across the highway it’s Snoop Dogg concert at the haute spot” Facebook Comment

“There’s a reason why Cedar Park instituted the strict noise ordinance they did, there’s also a reason that the former business at that location, The Lone Star Grille went out of business. The Haute Spot is just the same place rebranded, I think after they challenged the noise ordinance, paid someone off, who really knows. I mean, I love live music, I love the idea of having something close I don’t have to go into Austin for. But if I cant sleep because a venue ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY is so loud its managing to resonante sound through tonnes of concrete and still reach far enough to physically rattle my house, well maybe there’s a reason that location was driven out of business the first time.” Facebook Comment

“I have brand new windows and we can still hear it all the way on Tumlinson Fort. I’m mad that it’s tomorrow, too on a work night.” Facebook Comment

Oh my I was wondering same thing. It’s a concert at that Haute Mess place across highway. That place that is always going out of business and changing owners. I’m so tired and ready to call it a night but can’t. Haven’t adjusted to time change yet.” Facebook Comment

“Gosh I live clear on west side of Blockhouse and it is loud here! This is going to be a problem especially for those of you on the 183A side!” Facebook Comment

“Does anyone know if Haute Spot is in Leander or Cedar Park? Curious who permits the noise until 11.” Facebook Comment

“loud all the way to the front of the neighborhood” Facebook Comment

“Wow that’s incredibly loud! Pretty hilarious that we can hear it this far from Haute Spot.” Facebook Comment

“i love on the 183A side can be heard inside house” Facebook Comment

“I’m on other side of fence of H-E-B center & don’t hear it like this. This is going on from 11-11 for 2 days. Not what I signed up for when we bought our house” Facebook Comment

“Going till 11:00 on Saturday is fine with music. But having it go till 11:00 on. Sunday with families that have kids that have school next day or people that have to work is absurd.” Nextdoor Comment

“The music is unreasonably loud.” Nextdoor Comment

“So how can we get a formal complaint going I know when the weather is nice I love to open the house but I know I don’t want to listen to this every weekend. Why should we be punished” Nextdoor Comment

“I mean I understand the venue and area have their permits but they can definitely still enjoy the show with the bass lowered and not sending waves through the area. Oh well lol this is my welcome to the BHC” Nextdoor Comment

“If the noise is that bad for folks in their homes they should report to police to get it on record. They log every complaint/call they receive. Then follow up with City of Cedar Park Tuesday when they open.” Nextdoor Comment

“Just spoke to the police. Many people are complaining regarding noise. The police said they are within the decibel ordinance.” Nextdoor Comment

“Can’t be mad it’s on a Saturday, but it’s shockingly loud. Can hear the lyrics and bass” Nextdoor Comment

“Unfortunately, noise ordinance is 11pm to 7am. They aren’t breaking any laws, and that would be a waste of valuable police resources. I agree its very loud and disruptive, but nothing the police can do.” Nextdoor Comment

“Loud music. Anyone know where that really loud music is coming from? I live off of Alexander Drive and could not tell which street. If anyone can let me know so I can give the address to the police. Seriously, can not even hear my tv with the bass blasting.” Nextdoor Post

“I am 3 miles away from The Haute Spot and I can hear the music clearly and the bass was shaking my walls. Just because it’s sponsors veterans in someway doesn’t excuse how loud the music is – especially when trying to put my 9 mo old to sleep. I am all for supporting veterans, but it is a bit ridiculous the loudness of the bass. We can not only hear the bass, but we can hear the voices too. 3 miles is a bit much to be shaking walls!!!” Nextdoor Comment

I could hear/feel very loud music while I was upstairs trying to study.. was driving me nuts. I can still hear it right now.” Facebook Comment

“I’m on Charlie Harley and I hear it tonight. Did last night too. Definitely much worse last night than tonight.” Facebook Comment

“…that’s weird. I’ve never heard the anything from the Cedar Park Center/HEB center. Have great windows though and could hear the bass last night.” Facebook Comment

“You can call to file a complaint on the Cedar Park Police non emergency line. I’d also recommend getting a group together to reach out to the Cedar Park City Council. There are noise ordinances all day in Cedar Park for outdoor venues. Permits can be granted to exceed the ordinances (which it sounds like one was for this event), but I think if enough people complain and/or reach out to the city, we could ask that they not provide those types of permits to the venue. I am all for a live music venue in Cedar Park, but the heavy bass travels considerable distances. If anyone is interested in reaching out to the city council with me, let me know. I worked with the city council to get a tree barrier planted along the fence between Block House Creek and the Cedar Park Center when they put up the LED sign. I truly believe the city cares about its residents, including us out in the ETJ, but they have to be made aware of the issues that matter to us.” Nextdoor Comment

“I’ve lived in BHC for ten years, on the very south side near the toll. Yes, I hear highway noise every now and then, and in the last decade, I can Count on one hand the number of times I’ve been disturbed by events at the Cedar Park Center. All in all, it is pretty quiet and peaceful at my home. Last night was different. Our walls were shaking and my little boy asked if there was a marching band inside our house. I bought a house in the suburbs to get away from stuff like this. I understand that as our city grows, there will be more and more things like this that we have to adjust to, but along with that comes the responsibility to call out events that are unreasonable. Play music, have fun, but there was no reason it had to be so loud. The bass levels were ridiculous and beyond inconsiderate. A noise wall would help with highway noise, but I don’t think it would do much for stuff like this” Nextdoor Comment

“It is a concert at New Hope and 183. They ran sound level checks yesterday and sadly are within the legal limits. Doesn’t seem like it tho does it.” Nextdoor Comment

“Can u imagine how upset the old people are in the nursing home that is even closer than we are” Nextdoor Comment

“They need to build a wall. I know that sounds trite but canned music and /or live for at least two afternoons and nights so loud, that children in our neighborhood couldn’t sleep. Conscientious doesn’t come to mind. You have to care for your neighbor or they won’t take care of you.” Facebook Comment

“I’m almost 2 miles away and can hear you inside my bedroom. Does it really have to be this loud?” Facebook Comment

“Anyone know where loud music is coming from? Wish I was closer so I can get a free concert, I live in Ridgewood South.” Nextdoor Post

“Location is Horrible for us surrounding neighbors. Keeps our children awake. Should not be next to neighborhoods.” Facebook Review

“Wouldn’t mind the music, It’s the deep base that is annoying. Feels like I’m living next to a quarry.” Nextdoor Comment

“I have nothing against a concert, and I would like to see your business succeed, but not at the expense of my personal peace. I can hear the music from inside my home, nearly 3 miles away on the other side of the highway. I’m not sure how music this loud was ever approved. It is certainly not appropriate for a venue to negatively impact residents in the area in this way.” Facebook Comment

“We’re about 2.5 miles away. I thought it was my neighbors radio…. nope.” Facebook Comment

“I hate to complain because obviously we want small businesses to survive. However, were about two miles away and the base is shaking our windows and we can hear the music word for word over our child’s sound machine. Y’all have to find a way to keep it down after dark. Please…my child hasn’t slept since y’all started these concerts.” Facebook Comment

“Oh we’re here. Everyone in the surrounding neighborhoods is ‘here.’ …I do hope they consider staying within the noise ordinance. The volume of this past weekend was not a first although I’m sure the open field did make it worse.” Facebook Comment

“Sure, sure plans are great but they are actively having loud concerts causing many people disrupt! This would be great before the loud concerts happen….” Facebook Comment

“If they are truly a community business, then they would be concerned about the full impact of their business on the community, not just the positive that they want to revitalize the community after the pandemic. How about the impact to the very nearby residential community. The impact of sound above 85 decibels for 12 hours to anyone needing sleep (infants or working adults). Or the impact to the hearing impaired that suffered migraines for excessive time and volume exposure. A residential community will support a business that supports their right to be a residential community. Like many circumstances in these times, it is consideration of all involved not just saying one single value is above all others.” Facebook Comment

“Growth and change are good. But being overrun by one mindset (venue) is not so good. As a community why can’t we share this neighborhood instead of telling others what they must accept or like. A few have mentioned already: play the music, just not all day and not louder than 85 decibels. Sharing the neighborhood and respecting everyone.” Facebook Comment

“Loud bass gives me a headache. It’s just what is. Ask my kids. So for me it is also a health issue.” Facebook Comment

“Y’all are too loud. It’s 10:40pm and I live a mile away and can hear this word for word in my house!” Facebook Comment

“Tired of hearing it INSIDE my home in Blockhouse. It’s disturbing my Childrens sleep again!!!! This is not Austin.” Facebook Comment

“the field they use is in our neighborhood, we hear everything” Facebook Comment

“Some people don’t understand how loud it truly is. I love music and I 100% want people to have jobs during this time. However, it literally is in my backyard. 1st we bought way before the venue was even a plan. 2nd the bass literally shakes our whole house. Our windows and doors were shaking last night. I could hear it word for word inside with my child’s sound machine on. So trying to put kids to sleep is a nightmare. They honestly just need to turn it down a tad. We shouldn’t have to hear it inside our houses.” Facebook Comment

“The people saying residents need to get over it have clearly never lived next to that venue.
When we lived in CPTC in a house about 1/2 mile away… there were nights that our windows shook from the music.”
Facebook Comment

“Actually, it has been a longstanding problem, going back many, many years. Noise from that venue was particularly bad in Town Center. The City pretty much dismissed all of our complaints until a few years ago, a former CP council member and the former mayor came out and sat in my neighbor’s front room one night. Their experience prompted a change in the CP noise ordinance. That and the new owners’ renovations have helped the situation at my house, at least. While I could hear the music faintly inside yesterday, the bass was not thumping the walls as in previous years. (It used to be like there was a huge boom box with the bass cranked up to the max right outside my house. Imagine living with that weekend after weekend, until 11pm or later. Some people may not be bothered by it, but other people are bothered by it a great deal. The bottom line is that everyone has the right to live in peace inside their home.) Anyway, I don’t know how the situation was for my neighbors in Town Center this weekend, but from the complaints posted in the article, it sounds like Block House and other neighborhoods in Leander bore the brunt of it.” Facebook Comment

“it’s been a problem for years… since before the Whole Foods/Chuys center went in.” Facebook Comment

“Yeah the city can set a lower decibel level and fine them for going over (and for going past the cutoff time). That’s how it is for all concert venues. And they make those fines hefty. The city needs to step in and control this.” Facebook Comment

“It should be noted that its 4.5 miles away from Haute spot. If I can hear it nearly 5 miles away,, I can’t imagine how loud it is for people in the neighborhoods surrounding the venue.” Facebook Comment

“it has to be bonkers loud because Nextdoor blows up whenever they have an event. People even on the other side of 1431 can hear it.” Facebook Comment

“This is such a huge issue with every owner there. I don’t understand why they don’t take noise cancelling methods or build a noise wall or something… It’s the announcer. We can be in [our child’s] bedroom, windows closed, blinds drawn, fan on and it sounds like the announcer is right outside her window. When they were babies, we never heard it. It is just with whatever new system they put in a few years ago.” Facebook Comment

“I live in blockhouse creek and there is some loud ass music playing. Is this a house or venue near by?” Nextdoor Post

“Personally I have a 1 year old I’m trying to keep asleep so I find it a bit annoying. Really doesn’t matter to me what day of the week it is. We’re 1.2 miles away. Haute spot is probably just doing what they can to survive during a time when their business is down. Hopefully some kind of compromise can be made, either lower levels or earlier curfew. If someone has time to make a petition and take it to the city council I would sign it.” Nextdoor Comment

“To those concerned with the noise, I’d encourage you to reach out to city council and the city managers to express your concerns. Their emails are on the Cedar Park city website. I emailed them today requesting they stop providing noise ordinance exemption permits to the Haute Spot and consider asking the venue to make other changes to minimize impact on the community. For example, city council required the HEB Center to orient their outdoor stage east so that it would go directly toward the business complex across 183A instead of into the neighborhoods to the north, south, and west. Maybe the council could require the Haute Spot stage to face south toward the shopping centers instead of northwest toward BHC. I also asked them to consider asking the venue to install sound barriers for their field concerts. I appreciate what the Haute Spot is trying to do to help musicians, but I think the HEB Center has shown that can be done with less impact on the surrounding areas.” Nextdoor Comment

“could they build a sound wall to try and keep out the noise, like they do around toll roads?” Nextdoor Comment

“Its at hot spot they are louder than the heb center” Nextdoor Comment

“Absolutely live a little but also be respectful of people around you. Blare your music if you like. Don’t care to hear it after 10:00 pm . My kids are in bed and don’t need the noise waking them up. Just courtesy that’s all.” Nextdoor Comment

“I just checked and there is another concert tomorrow nite and then 2 next weekend. This is not going to stop. It will hurt our property values.” Nextdoor Comment

“I don’t mind outdoor concerts, but they shouldn’t be THIS loud and they should end promptly at 10. If it’s haute spot, I feel for the houses right next to them on new hope.” Nextdoor Comment

Past 10 and they’re still going. Seriously, the bass sounds like my neighbor is in the driveway booming but there is no one outside on my street.” Nextdoor Comment

“That’s funny because I hear it outside my window too and was wondering what it was. (Dillon lake bend)” Nextdoor Comment

“i hear it also, was wondering the same thing.” Nextdoor Comment

“Well it’s 1004 and that music is still blaring. I live in the Vineyards and have NEVER heard any of the music coming from there until tonight. That is a little excessive!” Nextdoor Comment

I live in the far end of the Vineyards and I can here the bass even with the tv on. I thought it was my neighbors, so I figured I wouldn’t complain since it’s usually quiet on this side.” Nextdoor Comment

“We were all told that shows would stop at 10:00. I hear it on English River Loop tonight but previous shows we didn’t.” Nextdoor Comment

“I mean I live 1.9 miles away from the venue according to google and I could hear it on the far end of my house.” Facebook Comment

“That’s a great big eff you to the neighbors… What does helping musicians have to do with the sound? Do they get additional assistance for each decibel level?” Facebook Comment

“I live about 2 blocks from the H‑E‑B center. The music isn’t too bad for us. But the haute spots music is always incredibly loud. It HAS to be louder than hebs” Facebook Comment

“Thank you for the information. Still seems like the sound is excessive. Definitely louder than the HEB Center and both are open air. The difference is one venue has made an effort to be considerate of those who live nearby and the other, not.” Facebook Comment

“It’s way too loud tonight.” Facebook Comment

“It’s extremely loud tonight. I can hear very clearly tonight. I am on English River Loop. I honestly would like to sit out on my back porch and enjoy the natural night sounds. I like music but don’t think a whole neighborhood should be made to listen to it.” Facebook Comment

“This venue and its loud music is causing my family to rethink our plans of buying our new home in this neighborhood. We have been here for 5 years so far. Several of my children have sensory issues and when they can feel the music inside our home not only is the night for our family ruined with meltdowns and tears, the next few days are as the kids try to reset from being thrown off so badly.” Facebook Comment

“If I weren’t in college and working 65 plus hours a week, I’d be on my patio with a beer enjoying the free music. However, trying to focus on cellular biology and chemistry already exhausted from 11 plus hour day leaves me with little patience for distractions. Just freaking turn it down a little. I shouldn’t be able to hear it INSIDE my house.” Facebook Comment

“I’m on Turtle River and have had enough. My bedroom windows are shaking” Facebook Comment

“We heard it on Lone Wolf and normally it’s not too bad over here. Facebook Comment
Haute Spot Cedar park city council won’t listen to the people affected as they are not in cedar park. They are in MUDs.”
Facebook Comment

“And this is why those impacted need to flood CP city council with emails and show up virtually to the weekly meetings, asking to be heard. We all know it’s more than a few neighbors” Facebook Comment

“I can hear and feel the bass from inside my medical building where patients sleep about a mile away.” Facebook Comment

“I live +3 miles away from Haute Spot and the night they has Snoop there, the walls of my house were literally shaking. It’s not just people looking to complain. Its people with infants who they can’t get to sleep bc their walls are shaking and all they can hear is bass. It’s ridiculous!” Facebook Comment

“I just don’t understand why it has to be so loud that people miles away can hear it. I understand people in the surrounding neighborhood. But I’m across Bell from Blockhouse, down Osage! And why not daytime hours on the weekend? I just feel like there should be compromises. That was a terrible place to decide to put a live music venue. The H‑E‑B center is one thing, temporarily doing it bc of Covid – but I can’t hear those concerts at my house!” Facebook Comment

“Our walls were shaking. Thankfully the concerts tend to be on weekends and only go until 10-ish so we’ve been okay with it. I can tell you they are more frequent and consistently LOUD. I feel so bad for those neighborhoods directly next door. The concerts sound like they are in my backyard and we live miles away.” Facebook Comment

“Last night on my walk around the loop in BHC, the sound could be heard all the way up to the front Tumlinson park from outside. It would not have been loud enough at that location to hear inside your home. But the homes near 183A certainly could hear from inside their homes. The sound needs to be lowered. It was a school/work night.” Facebook Comment

“I rarely, if ever, hear an event at the HEB center in my backyard let alone inside my house. I can hear the Haut Spot almost every time there is an event inside my house.” Facebook Comment

“it doesn’t have to be quiet, but people can hear it 3 miles away! Heb Center is closer and they play at a less disruptive volume. I doubt any of the concert goers are complaining.” Facebook Comment

“Haute Spot has something tonight and tomorrow night. Then 4 nights starting the 11th. The bass gives me a headache.” Facebook Comment

“they are sleazy …seriously the people that run that joint are like really NOT good people” Facebook Comment

“CP police non-emergency number. Told the dispatcher we wanted to file a noise complaint, she asked where and we told her Haute Spot. Said she’d send an officer out. Told my husband he should have said yes to the call back from the officer, I was curious what they’d say regarding decibel levels or anything else. I don’t mind if they want to hold performances there. Just turn it down.” Facebook Comment

“Yes but it started at 3 today, so by 11 we were way over the top of fed up. Dogs won’t go out, good times. I’ll put my husband on it, he called the cops last night and nothing usually bothers him. The several times a week is becoming too much even for the easy going.” Facebook Comment

“What we need to do is get video of windows rattling, bass thumping inside of houses, kids complaining, all of the disturbance we complain about weekly! Get some decibel readings as well to go along with the video. String them together and head on down to the Cedar Park city council meeting. This is so ridiculous.” Facebook Comment

“I built my home here in 2001, it was quiet, there wasn’t a toll road, much less Haute Spot or HEB Center. I chose to live out here BECAUSE it was quiet. I understand growth, but this is a family neighborhood, while I don’t have kids, I work non-traditional hours which means that I work Sundays and evenings, so loud music late at night is more than an inconvenience. I have a friend in Ridgewood that could hear the Haute Spot music.” Facebook Comment

“I’m on Dayna cove other side of the elementary school I can hear it in my bedroom with the TV on.” Facebook Comment

“We could here it the last few nights on the northside of crystal falls behind Rouse. I would have thought we were too far away, but clear as day!” Facebook Comment

“Horrible Neighbors. They have concerts or lease the property to others for concerts so loud they are heard inside home 2 miles away.” Facebook Comment

“This is so loud my kids have woken up three times tonight already – and we have fans going in bedrooms for white noise. I can feel the floor vibrating in my house nearly a mile away. Don’t get me wrong. I love live music, but noise level is consistently ridiculous.” Facebook Review

“Is there any hope for relief for this noise pandemic? What can we do?” Facebook Comment

“We can hear it over by Apache Pool.I would truly hate to live off of Scottsdale.” Facebook Comment

“I’d register to speak and go to a city council meeting. But I don’t want to go alone! And we called Friday and Saturday night. Sunday we barely heard it thankfully. It was a nice break.” Facebook Comment

“Our houses which we call our home were here long before Haute Spot and HEB Event Center were here. I enjoy live music but I do NOT appreciate hearing loud bass and disruptive loud music disturbing the quality of life and the peaceful enjoyment of my home when I choose to not buy a ticket to a concert. The flippant attitude of the CEO (Tom Spano) is not a positive for our community.” Facebook Post

“It’s crazy how loud it is inside our houses given how far away we are. And having a 4 month old and a 2 year old trying to sleep through it is not ideal.” Facebook Comment

“I put in several complaints and will continue to do so” Facebook Comment

“We are behind their field and it is so disruptive to our weekends and evenings as we are unable to enjoy our outdoors!” Facebook Comment

“It physically hurts my son! The bass has him in tears. We make the house louder with fans but he gets so overwhelmed with the feel of the bass.” Facebook Comment

“He’s got to be greasing someone’s pockets. But so many tax payers being disrupted, you would think local government would step in.” Facebook Comment

“It’s as obnoxious as those neighborhood leaf blowers ( LOUD!!)” Facebook Comment

“It drives me crazy when I can hear it INSIDE my house” Facebook Comment

“We are already looking at property in the Hill Country. If this keeps up, our property values will plummet!” Facebook Comment

“This place have been shut down like 3 times already for the same reason, they go ahead and open with different name but same noise. The city should have figured this one out already and not approve the permits. I don’t mind it it all but some of my neighbors complained because they can get their babies to sleep” Facebook Comment

“It’s a no win situation. I recall when the original venue was established many years ago. Plenty of protests prior to its permit being granted. Fell on deaf ears. At that time several homes and the Lakewood subdivision was in place. It’s not an problem when you are not affected. If it was in your area there would be a change of opinion” Facebook Comment

“This all comes down to sound management at the venue. There is no reason noise should be an issue for BHC at that kind of distance. As a venue, they are responsible for the volume that bands and musicians play at and how sound is cast and in which direction.” Facebook Comment

“There are many neighborhoods that are impacted. BHC has like 2200 homes. It literally vibrates our walls.” Facebook Comment

“It’s both. On weekend nights, both venues are going. My house shares that fence line with the H-E-B Center, so it’s pretty unbearable. We’ve been here for 12 years, love it here, and we’re looking at moving over this. Neither venue gives a shit, but Haute Spot is worse in their lack of consideration.” Facebook Comment

“I live near bell and Osage in the front of blockhouse and my windows shake from them Friday and Saturday night. I don’t mind music but I do mind it being so damn loud that my young child can’t sleep because of it” Facebook Comment