Fat Bee Café Expands with New Location in Round Rock

Fat Bee Café, a popular Vietnamese artisan boba café, is expanding its reach with a new location in Round Rock. The café has leased 1,460 square feet at 1300 Round Rock Avenue, a prime location for the community to enjoy their quality teas, milk teas, desserts, and more.

Founded in 2017 as a small local business, Fat Bee Café has grown into a franchise with the help of their loyal customers. The café’s name, “Fat Bee,” reflects their motto of “BEElieving in happiness.”

Known for their comforting environment, aesthetic store setting, and great customer service, Fat Bee Café offers the perfect place to hang out, study, or relax. Their beautiful lighting, floor designs, and fine seating create a pleasing customer area, attracting people of different backgrounds and ages.

Fat Bee Café stands out from the competition with their own branding through tea imported from Vietnam, along with other important ingredients imported as well, and brewed and served fresh in their store. Their beautifully hand-crafted drinks are served with charming decorations, fresh boba, and a variety of other toppings, making each visit to Fat Bee Café a unique and delicious experience.

The new Round Rock location is sure to be a hit among residents, providing them with the same quality service and delectable treats that Fat Bee Café is known for. With their expansion, Fat Bee Café continues to bring happiness to their customers through their artisanal approach to coffee and tea.