Google Building New Offices in Williamson County

Google has announced that it will be expanding its presence in Texas with the construction of new offices in Williamson County. The new offices will be located at 7700 West Parmer Lane, Austin, TX 78729, and will be renovated to provide commercial office space. The project has an estimated completion date of October 2, 2023. The total cost of the renovation and alteration of the space is expected to be $6 million.

The new office space will span over 46,811 square feet, providing ample room for Google employees to work, collaborate, and innovate. Williamson County is quickly becoming a tech hub, with its thriving economy and skilled workforce. The addition of Google’s new offices will only further boost the region’s tech industry and continue to attract other tech companies to the area. With this expansion, Google is showing its commitment to investing in the local community and contributing to the economic growth of Williamson County.

The new offices will undoubtedly bring exciting opportunities for innovation and collaboration, and Google’s continued investment in Texas is a win for everyone involved. As construction gets underway, we can only imagine the new and exciting developments that will come from this expansion.

Image by Google